The Road to the Top!

Being a medical technologist student is not very easy, but as you go on and finish your internship program and the comprehensive exam you will realize that it is not yet the end;  Coz the board exam is yet to come!

Our board exam was dated on the 2nd week of September 2014, and I started my review after 2 weeks of rest. It was the month of May when I started to review in Fairview. It was very far from my hometown and I took up the fast track course. Other ask me why did I choose that kind of course and the review center. I just told them that, everything I do has a reason. Also if you will really have a background check of the review centers, the professors were just the same especially for the major subjects.

I did not regret in choosing this review center and even if we were only 30 in the class. Almost all of them has a capacity to pass the board exam and me and my 2 friends were pressured because of them; they always got the highest grade and half of them will pursue medicine.

This was the advantage of taking the fast track, less classmate( fewer distractions) yet among the most intelligent in the batch.

The fast track was an intensive course, it was a month full of lectures and exam. You will feel that you were in a regular class,  like a deja vu.

After the review, I went back in our province then I started my own review from June to September. I also went to a lot of churches namely:

  1. Our Lady of Mt Carmel Chapel(San Fernando)
  2. Our Lady of Sorrow Church (San Fernando)
  3. Monasterio de Sta. Clara (Betis, Pampanga)
  4. Carmellite Monastery (Angeles)
  5. Basilica of Our Lady of Mt Carmel de San Sebastian (Manila)
  6. Metropolitan Cathedral of San Fernando
  7. National Shrine of Saint Jude Thaddeus Manila
  8. Good Shepherd Cathedral
  9. Saint Peter Parish: Shrine of Leaders
  10. ST. JOSEPH SHRINE – Diocese of Cubao
  11. Apung Mamacalulu (Sto. Entierro of Angeles City)

Then 3 days before the board exam we went to manila to check our school and find a place nearby to stay. It was not actually true that you should not stop reading the night before the exam, all of us were still reading others didn’t sleep to catch up for their reviewers.

First day:

The first day was nerve wrecking because of the new atmosphere, I saw a lot of MT students some were familiar faces such as my classmates and co-interns.

Before and after every exam I really prayed to the Lord to help me to answer the exam. And I have my charms for guidance and luck such as rosary, a token from my friend she said that it came from the St. Pio shrine, a medal of St. Benedict that I bought at Carmelite monastery and a coin inside my shoe. Also my pen, pencil, calculator, eraser and rosary were blessed more than 3 times.

Second day:

The Last day was very intense because we started late due to a typhoon; so we need to adjust the time and also it was the last day after this we will just wait for the result. After I took the exam the examiner requested us to donate our things so that they can share it with other children, but before I give my things I broke my pencils, kicked the chair and most importantly I prayed a lot. Then there was a “pamahiin” not to look back even if they call you. you must walk straight or stop and let them go to you but never ever look back.

The 3 day Agony:

Waiting for the result of the exam was the most insane of all because you imagined a lot of things, if you will passed or not. But for me I really accepted that I will passed the exam because I did my best and as they say “God will do the rest…”

Then the result were posted at the PRC website, I was so happy and thankful that I passed; that time I cannot asked for more because the long wait was over. The following day I went to Church and thank the Lord and all of the people who help me to achieve one of my dreams.

You can only achieve your dream by believing to yourself and to our Lord;

because Prayer is the most powerful thing in the world!