My PAL experience! (The Flight Attendant Adventure)!

My experience was unforgettable! I was then a fresh grad of BS Medical Technology, my aunt then asked me to apply in Phil. Airlines for the position of being a Flight Attendant. At first I really don’t want to because I was busy studying for my board exam in Fairview, Quezon City. She told my mom that I must try to go to their main office in Pasay. Then my sister told me that why not search it in the net so that I will not have a hard tie going to their main office. However, the PAL doesn’t accept CV online. Then I told my aunt that I was busy and Pasay was so far from Fairview. But then again my aunt really wanted me to go and apply so when I finished my review sessions and went home in Pampanga, I pursued to apply and went to Pasay City.

When I went to their main office, I was shocked because there were no jeepneys or buses, the only public vehicle available was only a cab. From the terminal of buses, I took a cab then when I was in their main office I expect that it will be a long process to pass my CV but then I was amused, you’ll just have to give your CV to the security guard of the PAL and he will be the one to forward it in the HR Department. The guard told me then that I will be called if short listed after a week.

So I was preparing my self for the interview, I try to lose some weight and pamper myself so that I will be presentable. But after 2 days the HR called me(Monday) and I will have my interview on Wednesday. I was so shocked and they texted me about the requirements.

Call time: 8am


For female:

* polo with short sleeves, blazer, skirt, black closed shoes with heels, hair must be properly bun, wear a make-up

For male:

*pants, long-sleeves, closed shoes

Then I researched about PAL and the experienced of others when they had their interview. A lot of blogs that I read was about the interview proper and the question that was always asked was about “Tell me something about yourself?”. Then I prepared myself for the interview.

Interview day:

You should be 30 minutes early for your interview. Then the most important part is be friendly to your fellow colleague who will also be interviewed and be prepared.

Everyone was staring at me, bec. I was so tall my height is 5’11 then I was wearing heels. Then a group of girls from LPU asked me about my height, they were approachable. I had a good conversation with the, I asked them what they took in college a lot of the took Tourism. When they told me what was my course I told the that I graduated from Pampanga and took BS Med. Technology. They were all shocked and asked me why did I apply for this job, I told them the truth that my aunt just want me to try to apply.

There were a lot of girls in the room, some were really beautiful others were just simple.

Interview proper:

We were told that there will be 3 steps to become a FA.

  1. Initial Interview
  2. Training
  3. Interview by Mr. Ramon Ang

The Training will be held in Tagaytay and Manila with allowance and there will be a grading system, it is composed of their grades in their training and their attitude or character.

I thought that it will be an individual interview with 3 panels, but it was a group interview. They asked us that once we hear our names go in front say your name, age, school and course, then if you have a special skill like talking with different languages you may tell it to the panel and you will have a conversation with them using the language you know. Then walked naturally to the panel and turn around and that’s it! It’s done! 🙂

Also, before the interview they told us to remove all the jewelry that we are wearing. They also look at the make-up, you should really be presentable and your make-up must really fit in to your body complexion. Then your hair must be properly tie, in our batch they wanted to have a black hair so that it is presentable together with their uniform. The hair and uniform’s color must be match. While, the skirt must be above the ankle and the blazer must be color black.

After waiting for about 30 mins., we started I listen to my fellow colleague; some were  graduate of European studies, tourism, aeronautical engineering, and nursing. The interview was fast. When I was called, I rattled, I don’t know why but it was okay because I think I did my best. Then I was the only one they asked about my family background because I was so tall and they told me that I really fit in the plane.

After 2 hours, they gave us the result but unfortunately no one was accepted in our batch. I don”t now whats their requirement on choosing their staff but I would say that they really had a high standard. As in very high, it’s a total package.

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