6 steps in Creating a Blog

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I really don’t imagine myself creating a blog, because I really not fond of literature, i really don’t read a lot of fiction books. But then again, these small things can be solved little by little.

Thank you for my parents who choose the right school for me, because I really learn a lot from this school especially my English skills. and thank you for the influence of my friends that i really treasure because without them I will not be so curious to read books, such as hunger games and 50 shades of grey(they are really so influencing, the most influential people hahaha).
I have 6 steps for you on how to create your own blog:

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Topic Maps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. In creating a blog you must first choose a topic you wish to tackle.
2. If you have a lot of ideas in mind write them on a piece of paper.
3. After writing these down, choose one of your most interesting topic.
4. Then search for a lot of literature about your blog and read it.
5. After reading about your topic, you will then need to start writing about the things you learned from it and the things you want to say about your topic, this is called the metanalysis wherein all the information you gain from a lot of sources will be compile in one idea.
6. Then your blog is ready to publish.
These things will surely help you in starting your own blog.  However don’t forget to cite your reference if you’ll be using some of the words in your blog, you may be sued for plagiarism if you just copy and paste other’s article from your blog.